Through his award winning art, Gary Spetz attempts to enhance the viewer's appreciation of the colors, shapes and designs that surround Gary travels extensively in his quest to both collect painting materials and find new paths to explore.  In truth, he enjoys the "going to" as much as the painting or filming processes, themselves.  As an avid outdoors enthusiast, he hikes, skis, sails, and kayaks through the landscapes that he films and paints.

Gary has a liberal arts degree from the University of Minnesota and is a "signature member" of the National Watercolor Society.  Over the years, he has achieved many acceptances into the prestigious "Top 100" National Park painting collections of the National Park Academy of the Arts .  Numerous articles of his work have appeared in Watercolor, Artists, and Watercolor Magic magazines.  Recently, his work has been published in the books, Searching For The Artist Within and Art From The Parks. 

He hosts and co-producesówith his wife, Marleneó3 lifestyle television series:

Gary Spetz's Painting Wild Places (72/30 episodes)
Gary Spetz's Watercolor Quest  (13/30 HD "travel" episodes)
ColorWorld with Gary Spetz (13/30 HD "travel" episodes)

These programs are presented by MontanaPBS and distributed by American Public Televisionóbroadcast nationally on PBS and The Create Channel.

When not "in the field", Gary and his wife reside in Lakeside, Montana.