"Gary Spetz writes like he paints—boldly and with earthy realism."
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"The Notebook meets A River Runs Through It."

A Novel of Mountains, Tall Trees, Fog, Longing, Love, and Time

Set in the wilds of Montana, this contemporary saga evolves from a coming-of-age tale to a “leeward side of life’s” soul-search.

It is the story of a young Midwest man who ventures to America’s great Inland Northwest, seeking adventure and summer employment. He finds both and more, and in the process develops a passion for the beautiful, untamed landscape and its colorful, rural culture. And, during his stay, after exhausting several romantic prospects, he also meets the girl who will redefine his life.

A glorious Indian summer ensues, bolstering youthful infatuation. Haakon and Kari’s burgeoning love melds seamlessly into their surrounding wilderness playground. Their splendor grows and, in their confidence, they feel it manifest itself as a ripple racing across the cosmos.

Yet, the carefree warm daylight hours eventually recede. The Northwest’s signature cold and dampness returns. Though the lovers procrastinate, they know a hard decision is imminent, and that fate threatens to launch them on two separate trajectories.

College, marriage, career, parenthood, graduations, and retirement come to pass and, in time, Haakon finds himself at a crossroad. His choice, and an unlikely event, grant him a second chance to make amends for a previous, painful decision.

Sometimes It Feels Like Far is a tale of adventure, beauty, and lost love—all in a romanticized world where the mountains and the sky and the mist merge into one.

Gary Spetz tells of a “time and place and people” he had known well. As a lifelong painter, he vividly portrays Haakon's journey with brushstrokes of words. He writes like he paints—boldly and with earthy realism. To author/artist Spetz, the setting of Sometimes It Feels Like Far is as paramount as the novel’s sentiments.


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"Gary Spetz writes like he paints – boldly and with earthy realism."

"The descriptions are excellent and paint a wonderful, clear picture of the landscape, people, and their emotions and thoughts."

"... characters are so real they could be family."

"A good book to “curl up with.”"

"Through the journey, Spetz uses his aptly “painted” characters and circumstances to evoke his readers’ memories of events in their own lives."

"... a book filled with gentle humor and with people so real, you genuinely feel you know them, like a homecoming of sorts."

"The storyline and content were outstanding..."

"(the characters) become as multi-dimensional as the Montana environment in which they live."

"Gary Spetz truly used his artistic sense to paint (I mean write) a poignant love story where the conversations of his characters and the colorful description of northwest Montana touched on all my five senses..."

"... very detailed and descriptive and I felt like I was present in the story."

"The characters were unique and relatable... (their interactions) humorous, sometimes tense, while other times deeply emotional."

"... held my interest with its theme of choices and promises made in younger years that have implications for the rest of one's life."

"Honest, observant, and filled with wry observations of human nature..."

"... enjoyed it from the first page."

"Easy to read, delightfully descriptive, engaging characters, the author's words ‘painted’ a clear picture in my mind's eye of the wilderness and beauty of Montana."

"Truly lifelike characters and a great story line engage the reader from start to finish."

"... easily transports the reader to another time and place... a skillfully written tale."

"This novel is a page-turner filled with emotion and gripping dialogue."

"Heart warming.!!"

"Gary's style of writing lets you feel like you are hanging out with the characters."

"Recommended for readers of romance who enjoy intelligent characters who can tug at your heart."

"Such a beautiful story."

(not too bad coming from this group of serious, highly critical readers)

Gary Spetz is also the author of the humorous childhood memoir, Searching for Alpha Centauri in a '64 Chevy.

And, as a “signature member” artist of the National Watercolor Society, he has hosted, scripted, filmed, and co-produced—with his wife, Marlene—three painting/travel series (111 episodes) for Public Television (distributed via American Public Television): Painting Wild Places, Watercolor Quest, and Color World.

His artwork has also been depicted in various art publications, including Watercolor, Artists, Watercolor Magic, Searching For The Artist Within, and Art From The Parks. And his paintings have been included in the “Top 100” of the National Park Academy of the Arts.

Gary and his wife live in Northwest Montana, where—when not trying to outsmart a trout—he continues to paint and write.

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